Professional Audio Home Recording Studio


 Ardour, Harrison Mixbus, MXL and Behringer powered home recording studio. Linux Analog Audio recording and mixing systems based in Groningen, Nederland.

The LoftStudio is a small home recording studio in the Netherlands. A home recording studio  with twenty years of recording, mixing and production experience. Recording using analog gear as well as modern audio production tools like Ardour and Mixbus Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Harrison Mixbus powered home recording studio

Mixbus’s True Analog Mixing Engine™ (T.A.M.E.) is a DAW creating a superb analog sound.

“Other DAWs are designed by companies with experience in computer sound, but no pedigree in world-class recording facilities. The Mixbus DSP mixer is designed by Harrison specifically for its great-sounding EQ, filters, dynamics, and bus summing. If you find a music recording from the golden age of albums—the 70s and 80s—that has stood the test of time, a Harrison console was likely used during production.” – Harrison 


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