Instruments 1Instruments in our recording studio

The following (and some more) instruments are used and available in our home recording studio. When recording in our home recording studio, you can request to use them but not all instruments (like harps, for hygienic reasons) can be used.


  • Ibanez AS53-TF Hollow Body
  • Donner DLP124S – Les Paul
  • Hondo H-175/BL (vintage guitar)
  • “Starcaster” (Fender) Stratocaster.
  • Harley Benton TE-52 (Telecaster)
  • Samick Greg Bennett (Electro Acoustic)
  • Washburn WD-42S (Acoustic)
  • Harley Benton MM84ASB (bass guitar)


  • Millenium HD50 E-Drums
  • Keyboard (midi in/out)
  • Fame Vintage Line GX15R Combo
  • Tambourine, harps (several keys)


  • JoYo American Sound, British Sound
  • Mooer GE100 Multi-Effects
  • Digitech TRIO (Drums & Bass)